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The Training Zone offers a unique workout experience. People who join our Training Zone will have the opportunity to take advantage of guided workouts from a certified personal trainer. The workouts are for every fitness level and are no longer then 30 minutes! This allows any person looking for a challenging workout the ability to squeeze it into their busy schedules.

How does the Training Zone work?

We believe in functional training. When we practice these movements, we develop strength and muscle recruitment patterns that we use on a regular basis. That means that we train our members so they can perform any and all tasks in their everyday lives. This makes carrying groceries, gardening, playing with children, and other movements much easier to perform.

Is this workout something that can fit into my schedule?

One of the biggest benefits of the style of workouts is the efficiency. Workouts rarely last longer than 30 minutes. That means you can get in, get warmed up, get your workout, and get out the door in less than an hour! This may sound impossible, but we make sure you get a high intensity workout and get out the door to attack your day.

How do I get started with this workout program?

Call us today to set up a tour of our facility. Fill out our contact form and we will offer you a FREE session. No strings attached! Don’t wait… TAKE ACTION NOW!

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